Waste management and recycling

L&T’s waste management lightens your company’s environmental load and cuts its waste-related costs. L&T manages all waste generated by your company, including electrical equipment and recyclable paper. We turn waste into raw material for industry and fuel for power plants. Your company’s waste-related costs decrease with the reduction of landfill waste.

L&T takes care of the waste management of tens of thousands of companies and households. We refine more than 200,000 tonnes of waste into secondary raw material annually. L&T’s recycling and fuel deliveries prevent the generation of over one million tonnes of CO2 emissions each year in Finland.

Services for disposal of confidential information

L&T’s service for disposal of confidential information is a safe and easy way to dispose of confidential materials. Our certified destruction process ensures that confidential information will not fall into the wrong hands.
The services for the disposal of confidential information cover all information media: papers, USB drives, CDs, computers. We can retrieve materials for disposal on demand or set a regular retrieval schedule.
The customer’s premise is provided with locked collection containers, which are emptied by L&T personnel. The material is transported to a secure disposal facility where it is crushed, shredded and turned into raw materials for the tissue paper industry. At the end of the process, the customer can request a certificate of disposal.

Hazardous waste management

L&T refines hazardous waste into raw material for industry. Efficient recycling lightens your company’s environmental load and cuts its waste-related costs.

We retrieve and recycle:

  • Liquid oil
  • Solid oily waste
  • Waste oil
  • Car batteries
  • Brake fluids and coolants
  • Aerosol, paint, glue, varnish
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Household batteries
  • WEEE
L&T also sells and rents out collection equipment for hazardous waste ranging from battery collection containers to containers for hazardous waste.

Open-top container services

For the collection of large quantities of waste, L&T offers handy open-top containers with collection service. The open-top container is suitable for collecting many types of waste at different locations. Waste collection at construction sites and community cleaning events or when cleaning out storage or moving house can be easy, as long there is a place to put the waste. The open-top container enables the collection and transport of large quantities of waste in one load.
L&T takes care of the transport and appropriate further processing of waste generated at worksites and other properties.