L&T Biowatti

L&T Biowatti Oy is a nationwide service company that is part of the Lassila & Tikanoja Group. We serve the energy and forest sectors by offering comprehensive solutions and customer-specific services to energy producers, wood producers, forest owners and heaters of small-scale real estate. Our services range from the management of commercial forests to land clearing and landscape management of the built environment.

Forest services produce wood raw materials that are used to make high-quality wood fuels for heat and power plants. We also supply raw materials to the process and sawmill industries.


We provide forest services to forest owners and other parties in the forest industry, from small entrepreneurs to large corporations. Forest services seek to ensure forest productivity.

Our services include:
• Management of thinning stands
• Delivery sales
• Forest regeneration
• Landscape management and land clearing

Our products include:
• Fuel and raw materials
• Ground cover materials, absorbent materials and support materials