Cleaning and support services

L&T cleaning services is an expert of different property types and the needs of their users. We offer environmentally-friendly cleaning services for offices, production facilities, shopping centres, common facilities at housing properties and schools.

Our professional cleaning staff have been familiarised with the customer’s premises, cleaning requirements and environmentally-friendly cleaning methods. In the course of their work, our cleaners also make observations on the customer’s success with recycling and unnecessary consumption of materials, water and energy.

L&T’s environmentally-friendly cleaning involves:

  • eco-labelled detergents
  • micro-fibre equipment
  • machines that reduce the use of chemicals and water
  • efficient recycling
  • monitoring of energy-efficiency and efficient use of materials.

Support Services

L&T’s support services provide companies, premises and their users with the daily services they require. Support services are part of our core competence, and we also continuously develop our support operations and competences.

We provide each customer with a customised service package that can include lobby and mailing services, conference catering and internal moves, for example. We also support our customers’ manufacturing processes by offering shelving, forklift operators, packaging and uniform maintenance services.

L&T’s support services: 

  • lobby services
  • security
  • handyman
  • conference services
  • moving services
  • assistant services
  • shelving
  • forklift operators
  • loading dock managers 
  • uniform maintenance
  • and many other services required by our customers.