Property maintenance and maintenance of technical systems

L&T provides you with all the necessary services to maintain your property. A well-managed property is comfortable and safe to live in.

Property maintenance

Our services include:
• indoor work, such as maintenance, repair and installation of the property’s technical equipment and machinery
• work on the outdoors areas, such as maintenance of courtyards and playgrounds along with planning of green areas
• cleaning of common facilities, including the sauna, staircase and floors
• maintenance of technical systems, such as services for electricity, heating, air conditioning and indoor air.
We pay special attention to the energy efficiency of properties. Our revolutionary Ekohuolto eco-maintenance service has decreased the energy consumption of properties by an average 15 per cent. Ekohuolto ensures that the property is comfortable and safe to live in as well as energy-efficient.
A caretaker with ecological training evaluates the property’s potential energy-saving measures and reports them to the customer. After measures and adjustments have been agreed on, the property’s energy-efficiency is monitored and developed alongside daily property maintenance work.
Experts at the L&T energy control centre inspect the target properties and the functioning of their technical building systems through a remote connection. The practical findings of inspection rounds are reported to the eco-trained caretaker for further measures, and repair needs and suggestions for improvements are reported to the customer along with a cost estimate.
L&T Ekohuolto+ service combines the operations of trained caretakers and the energy control centre. Ekohuolto+ is a comprehensive service for cost-efficient properties.

Maintenance of technical systems

L&T takes care of all maintenance, repair, adjustment and contract work connected to the property’s technical systems. Our services include:
• electrical, HVAC and plumbing services
• automation services
• fire alarm services
• refrigeration and cooling services
• annual maintenance of technical systems
• operation management services
• fire-fighting technology.

A well-planned maintenance schedule prolongs the property’s service life and decreases the need for repairs, generating savings. Our resources as a large company guarantee that worksites are never stalled and that customers get what they order.

We are also experts at space adjustments required at properties. The facilities services cover planning of adjustment work and the overall management of the project.