​​​Lassila & Tikanoja has revised the organisational structure of its Finnish operations. The restructuring responds to changes that are currently taking place in the company’s business environment. To support its growth targets, the company will increase its focus on the development of new service products, digital solutions and enhancing the customer and employee experience. At the same time, the organisation is being restructured to respond to the increasingly tight market conditions.
“Our customers expect us to deliver continuously improved services, expertise and quantifiable added value with regard to cost efficiency, energy efficiency and material efficiency. The circular economy and digitalisation are providing us with new opportunities for the development of services and the customer experience. We want to actively seize these opportunities and increase our focus on creating new business,” says President and CEO Pekka Ojanpää.
At the same time, the challenging economic conditions and changes in the business environment are affecting the company’s traditional businesses to the extent that the company had to hold statutory employer-employee negotiations with regard to reorganising operations and reducing the cost structure. The negotiations concerned approximately 1,200 salaried employees and senior salaried employees. The outcome of the statutory employer-employee negotiations is that the company will terminate the employment of at most 60 people and temporarily lay off at most 44 people across Finland. However, the total number of terminated and temporarily laid-off employees will not exceed 100. New positions can be offered to some of these employees, which may reduce the number of terminated employees.

“Developments such as the continuously decreasing price level of cleaning services and the falling prices and volumes of recyclable materials have forced us to carry out a critical assessment of our organisational structure and improve the efficiency of our operations,” Pekka Ojanpää explains.  
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