Sustainable work and new attitudes. These are the building blocks of the recycling society of tomorrow.

The key theme of L&T’s strategy is that we want to work with our customers to transform our consumer society into an effective recycling society. We do this by creating material, energy and cost efficiency for our customers, which helps us create profitable growth for both our customers and ourselves. 

Our vision is to be our customers’ preferred partner in our core business areas: environmental, industrial, property, and forest services. As a service company, L&T’s success is built on the wide range of skills of our personnel and our extensive service offering, which is seen by our customers as one L&T.

Our key success factors

• Customer orientation: We listen to our customers and have an in-depth understanding of their service needs. We develop our services according to our customers’ wishes. We provide a diverse range of services, but we are seen by the customer as a single partner.

• Skilled and sufficient personnel: We ensure that we have the right amount of skilled personnel in the right place to offer high-quality services. We solidify our expertise and develop our management work.

• Cost efficiency: We enhance our operations with practical operational models and supportive information systems. We improve the utilisation rate of our equipment and human resources.

• Uniform and safe corporate culture: We harmonise our operating methods at the Group and division levels. We ensure that we are operating in compliance with regulations and follow the shared rules. We systematically manage responsibility and ensure safe working conditions for our staff.

Our strategic focus areas

• Customer and employee experience: We develop customer experience by improving our ability to keep abreast of customer needs and developing our operations based on feedback received from our customers. We actively focus on day-to-day development in cooperation with customers and in a way that supports our customers’ business goals. Together with our personnel, we agree on concrete and quantifiable customer promises that guide our work, and we do what we promise. We believe that in a service company an excellent customer experience is created through good employee experience, which is why the two are closely intertwined.​

• Workforce management: We enhance the use of our employee resources by developing the skills of our staff and by implementing information systems supporting shift planning. We automate our manual processes and increase the flexibility of workforce management by means of our resource pool. 

• Efficient operating model: We operate and organise as efficiently as possible and implement system solutions that support our operations.