The decisions that matter in the creation of a recycling society are made not only in the halls of Parliament, but also in the waste collection points of housing companies around the country.

Through its services, L&T is a prominent participant in the day-to-day workings of society. We strive to be a good corporate citizen by ensuring that the company and our employees comply with society’s rules and regulations.

We want to be actively involved in social dialogue and develop solutions that promote society’s evolution towards a sustainable recycling society. We can best achieve this by working together with our customers, the authorities and other stakeholders.

A leader in sustainable business

We have identified our key stakeholders and surveyed their expectations towards our operations. Our key stakeholders, namely our employees, our current and potential customers, political decision-makers, the authorities and other industry influencers, potential employees and the media all expect us to operate in a responsible manner.

L&T is expected to be a leader in sustainable business that develops the industry in the right direction from society’s perspective. As a significant provider of jobs, we are also expected to be a responsible employer that treats its personnel appropriately and fairly. We are also expected to increase our interaction with our various stakeholders.

Aiming to increase interaction

In the coming years, we will focus particularly on transparency, openness and increasing interaction with our key stakeholders.  We have created action plans based on our stakeholder survey, and their implementation will be monitored systematically and with a goal-oriented approach.