Strong networking

​​In 2015, L&T was engaged in various activities aimed at improving its operating conditions through participation in the work of lobbying organisations in Finland and other operating countries, as well as at the EU level. L&T is a member of nearly a hundred local, regional, national and EU-level lobbying organisations. 

We participated in the work of the following organisations either through membership in the Board or in other working groups:

• The Bioenergy Association of Finland
• Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), paper division
• European Recovered Paper Association (ERPA)
• Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services (FEAD)
• Kiinteistötyönantajat ry (Employers’ association of property management)
• The Association of Finnish Environmental Industries and Services (YTP)
• Suomen JVT- ja kuivausliikkeiden Liitto ry (Finnish Federation of Subsequent Damage Prevention and Drying Businesses)

In addition, we were an active participant in the following responsible business and material or energy efficiency programmes, projects and networks:​

      o KISS (Knowledge intensive space markets) research programme
      o IoB (Internet of Buildings) research programme
      o Biodiversiteetti Master Class programme
•​ The Carbon Neutral Municipalities project (HINKU)​
• The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Circular Economy programme
       o AARRE research project to promote the circular economy
       o DEWI (Dependable Embedded Infrastructure) project

​ UUMA 2 project on the use of recovered materials in earth construction​

In December 2015, we also joined the Climate Leadership Council network​ aimed at preventing climate change.​