It is easy to convert a bottle of ketchup into fuel or an empty tin of food into a fork. It is a lot harder to change the way people think.

Through its services, L&T is a prominent participant of our society. Our stakeholders expect us to operate responsibly, and the services we produce play a key role in ensuring our customers’ responsibility.

1. We expand the life of properties
We look after our customers’ properties and advise them on how to sort waste. We offer our customers Nordic ecolabelled cleaning services that are carried out using ecolabelled equipment and cleaning agents.
2. We create good working conditions and help conserve energy
We adjust our customers’ properties to support good working conditions while also helping to conserve energy.

3. We keep Finland’s wheels turning
By outsourcing their support services to us, our industrial customers are free to focus on their core business. We make this possible by ensuring that support services are managed in an environmentally friendly, safe and cost-efficient manner.
4. We transport waste for reutilisation
We reduce our own environmental impacts in many ways, such as improving route efficiency and promoting an ecological driving style.

5. We process waste for utilisation according to the order of priority
More than half of our customers’ waste can be recycled for use as raw material for new products, and 92 per cent can be otherwise recovered. The material efficiency of our own recycling plants is 98%.

6. We supply the manufacturing industry with secondary raw materials and reduce emissions
Our industrial customers replace virgin raw materials with secondary raw materials, or fossil fuels with biofuels and solid recovered fuels. By doing this together with our customers, we were able to reduce Finland’s carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 1.1 million CO2 tonnes in 2015.
7. We want to support the extension of careers 
Our target is to achieve an established retirement age of 63 years for L&T employees by 2018, and increase it further to 65 years by 2025.
8. We look after our personnel
We invest in the well-being at work and occupational safety of our personnel, with good results: according to our most recent employee satisfaction survey, 74% would recommend L&T as an employer, our sickness-related absence rate has fallen to 5.2%, and we have reduced our accident frequency in Finland to one third of what it was three years ago.

9. We create local well-being
We are a significant employer, investor and purchaser of products and services at our operating locations. We also require our subcontractors to employ good and reliable operating methods and to offer a high level of delivery reliability.

10. We develop our customers’ operations
Our specialists help our customer companies operate more ecologically and conserve energy and raw materials.

11. We create stronger operating conditions for the circular economy
We engage in constructive cooperation and continuous dialogue with policymakers, the authorities, organisations and other stakeholders to ensure that the necessary operating conditions for the circular economy are in place.