Insider guidelines

The Board of Directors has taken a decision that the Group observes the guidelines for insiders issued by NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. Additionally, it has given a complementary guideline which is in some respects more stringent.

The insider register is maintained in the SIRE service of Euroclear Finland Ltd. Insiders with a duty to declare include members of the Board of Directors, President and CEO, the principal auditor and the Group Executive Board. Persons included in the company-specific permanent insider register based on their position include General Counsel, Head of IT, Director, Corporate Relations and Responsibility, Head of Treasury and Investor Relations, Communications Manager and persons designated by them, divisional management teams, executive assistants and persons participating in group accounting, as well as persons preparing stock exchange releases. Separate project-specific sub-registers are kept for extensive or otherwise significant projects. The General Counsel is the person responsible for insider issues.

Lassila & Tikanoja’s insiders are not permitted to engage in trading with company shares during the period between the end of the financial period and the disclosure of the result.

The shareholdings and option holdings of the public insiders are listed on the Group website.