Code of Conduct

Responsible and ethical operating methods are the prerequisites for our operations. Our responsible business principles and ethical guidelines are described in L&T’s Code of Conduct. The general Code of Conduct is also supplemented where necessary by more detailed policies and principles.

The Code of Conduct applies to every L&T employee, and we also require our business partners to operate responsibly.

What is L&T’s Code of Conduct?

At L&T, we comply with all applicable legislation and regulations, and operate with integrity and transparency. We respect each other and our workplace, and we make no compromises on our environmental responsibilities. In addition, we aim to have open interaction with our key stakeholders.

Actions contrary to instructions must be reported

All L&T employees must follow the L&T Code of Conduct as well as prevent actions that are contrary to guidelines and instructions.

Actions that are in breach of instructions are primarily reported to the immediate supervisor, but we have also implemented a separate feedback channel for employees to report incidents confidentially by telephone or e-mail.

Putting guidelines into practice

L&T’s employees have been familiarised with the Code of Conduct and other key instructions using practical examples and training. Supervisors are responsible for introducing the content of the instructions and their practical application to current and new employees. All employees must also make sure that they understand the content of the Code of Conduct. The management monitors compliance with the Code of Conduct and other instructions.