Emphasis on improving profitability

Our strategy is focused on profitable growth by increasing our market share with current and new customers and improving the quality management of the production and supply chains. Due to the favourable changes in the business environment, the Renewable Energy Sources division also supports the profitable growth of the entire Group.

Business environment

• Increasing demand for wood biomass
New investments lead to increased demand for wood biomass. At the moment, about 80% of logging opportunities is utilised, which guarantees the sufficiency of raw materials in the future as well.

• Favourable objectives of the current government
Carbon-free, clean, and renewable energy is recorded as an objective in the current Finnish Government Programme. The business environment is favourable towards developing bioenergy business operations.

• Tightening climate objectives
Climate objectives have a positive effect on the business of the Renewable Energy Sources division because it helps to cut down the use of fossil fuels and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Cornerstones of the renewable energy sources strategy

• Increasing market share with current and new customers
We are reaching for a more extensive partnership with current customers as well as for finding more customers in our current divisions.

• Enhancing the production chain
Better management of the production chain increases cost efficiency and energy contents. Production chains of forest energy will be optimised for each major client.

• Reducing committed capital
We are enhancing storage management, optimising procurement numbers, and minimising deficit throughout the production chain.