Strengthening our market position and ensuring operational efficiency

Our industrial customers seek to increasingly focus on their core business. This is where Industrial Services comes in, offering the full support service package our customers need. We offer comprehensive solutions for the recovery and safe final disposal of various by-products as well as solutions for sewer maintenance, process cleaning and environmental construction.


Business environment

The following trends will impact the Industrial Services division’s business in L&T’s strategy period 2015–2018:

• The significance of environmental responsibility will grow, increasing the demand for environmental services.

• The EU is setting long-term targets to promote the circular economy, creating a better operating environment for the development of new technology and waste management solutions.

• Landfill-related business activity is undergoing a transformation. The ban on the landfill disposal of organic waste will lead to higher demand for recycling solutions. The increased use of waste incineration will result in a greater need for solutions related to the processing and recycling of ash.

• Industrial sectors are showing signs of recovery, which will create opportunities for Industrial Services to provide broader support service packages for our customers.

Cornerstones of the Industrial Services division’s strategy

• Efficient and centralised operating model
The centralised and efficient management of the fleet and human resources improves operational efficiency, increases flexibility and supports growth while enabling flexible organisation according to customer needs.

• Efficient management of sales and customer relationships
Clear segment responsibilities and growth plans facilitate systematic and efficient sales work and customer relationship management. We manage our customer relationships systematically and wish to continually improve the customer experience.

• In-depth integration in selected customer relationships
We are closely integrated into our major customers’ processes and operating models through customer-focused service development. We continuously develop our methods for the benefit or our customers.

• Growth in industrial customers
We will seek growth in the industrial segment by expanding our service offering for our current major customers and ensuring new customer acquisition through segment-specific planning.

• Efficient resource utilisation
We will improve profitability and grow systematically in the small and medium-sized customer segment by leveraging the opportunities presented by our existing fleet. We also develop our customer service so that it can better serve our small and medium-sized customers.