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Key events 2016

Mushrooms from wood chips. Diesel from Christmas ham. A year of innovation.​

ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES expanded to kainuu and pieksämäki

In January, the Group acquired Huurinainen Oy, a Kajaani-based company specialising in waste management and sewer maintenance, and the Pieksämäki-based JPM-Kuljetus Oy​. In addition to Kajaani, Huurinainen Oy served customers in Sotkamo and Paltamo. “The acquisitions were part of our strategic geographical expansion and service coverage improvement in Eastern Finland and Southern Savonia,” says Vice President Petri Salermo.


Sorting waste became even easier for the residents of single-family houses in Vaasa and Pietarsaari with the roll-out of four-compartment waste containers for their own yards in January. The containers are emptied by L&T’s special four-compartment waste collection vehicles, which transport the different types of waste in separate compartments to ensure their appropriate recovery. The goal is to increase waste recycling by making it as easy and convenient as possible.

bringing back caretakers

L&T and the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (HOAS) brought back caretakers. The service model, which has been developed specifically for housing cooperatives, uses a systematic approach to work and teams of multi-talented professionals. “We have moved beyond the traditional division of duties between cleaners and janitors,” says Marja Havia, the supervisor in charge of the teams. The teams consist of service providers and property managers whose duties are determined according to customer needs.

Raksanappi BROUGHT ordering interchangeable containers to the digital era

Each year, L&T supplies thousands of interchangeable containers to construction and demolition sites. We developed a new kind of digital application to make it easier to order containers and have them picked up, and to facilitate the recycling of different waste materials. The Raksanappi service allows customers to use mobile devices to conveniently offer suitable containers for their sites.

hävikkimestari min​imises food waste

L&T developed the Hävikkimestari application to help restaurants minimise their food waste. “The application provides an intuitive visualisation of the amount of food that goes to waste. It also helps customers identify the reasons for high wastage levels by tracking what is thrown away and why,” says Lotta Toivonen, Environmental Management Expert at L&T. Hävikkimestari won an environmental prize from the Finnish Fair Foundation and it was also chosen as one of the year’s best pro-climate initiatives by the City of Helsinki Climate Partners network. Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) has estimated that as much as one fifth of all restaurant food is thrown away.

cleaning robot ilona starts work at shopping centre

L&T became the first cleaning industry operator in Finland to introduce a state-of-the-art cleaning robot. Known as Ilona, the robot started working at the Sello shopping centre in Espoo in May. The cleaning robot is an intelligent scrubber-dryer that can be programmed to work autonomously. The robot cleans the floors and is smart enough not to bump into people or objects. It does not need to be followed around by a human employee, giving cleaning professionals more time to handle more demanding tasks.

FFI awards certificates to control room and energy service functions

The Federation of Finnish Financial Services granted SFS-EN ISO 9001:2008 and SFS-EN 50518 (1-3) certificates to L&T’s control room and energy service functions and operating premises. The certification requirements were related to operational quality, the company’s reliable operations and the professional competence of the persons in charge. The certification process also included an assessment of the business premises, operations and technical characteristics.

L&T BIOWATTI joins an extensive cooperation arrangement with lahti energia

Lahti Energia signed an agreement with five companies for the delivery of fuel to the Kymijärvi III heating plant. L&T Biowatti is one of the fuel suppliers. The fuel comprises wood that has been certified according to sustainable development principles. The fuel deliveries will begin in autumn 2019. The total value of the agreements is nearly EUR 15 million per year, and the annual energy content of the fuel deliveries is equal to approximately 700 gigawatt hours. The term of the agreements is 3–5 years.

L&T's team wins hack the waste innovation competition

Mushroom Power, a team that represents one answer to L&T’s circular economy challenge, won the Hack the Waste innovation competition hosted by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Comprised of Chris Holtslag and Pekka Väisänen, the Mushroom Power team presented an idea for multiplying the value of wood chips by using them as substrate for growing mushrooms. The team showed how existing methods can be used to cost-efficiently turn wood chips and mushrooms into versatile material for purposes such as manufacturing furniture and other goods.

Kesko and L&T expanded their cooperation to promote the circular economy

Kesko’s responsibility programme includes a commitment to the target of zero landfill waste, and the company is constantly on the look-out for new ways to minimise the amount of waste generated by its operations and increase recycling. The national agreement is aimed at enhancing the recycling of waste generated at Kesko’s grocery shops and supermarkets and promoting the circular economy.

L&T awarded leadership level climate rating by cdp

L&T’s work for the climate was recognised with the excellent grade of A- in the international Climate Change Disclosure survey conducted annually by CDP, a widely respected organisation that promotes the sustainable economy and the fight against climate change. A total of 14 companies in Finland and 39 companies in the Nordic countries achieved the Leadership level by receiving a grade of A or A-.

L&T wins efora's safety competition

L&T won a safety competition organised for service providers by the maintenance company Efora. The competition criteria were the LTA1 and TRI accident frequency rates for 2015, the safety observations submitted by the company to Efora, participation/success in HSEQ (health-safety-environment-quality) assessments and the result of supplier assessments in 2016. The monitoring period for the competition was 4 April–30 October 2016. L&T’s participating units were the Kemi, Oulu, Varkaus, Heinola and Uimaharju units in the maintenance of technical systems business.

turning kitchen grase into fuel

​In December, L&T promoted the spirit of the circular economy by participating in Kinkkutemppu (“Ham Trick”), a campaign launched by the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland to collect the grease accumulated from the baking of the traditional Christmas ham at centralised collection points. The collected grease was subsequently turned into renewable diesel fuel and the proceeds from its sale were distributed in their entirety to Finnish charitable organisations.


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