Focus on the customer’s responsibility and savings

​​Our services play a significant role in ensuring the responsibility of our customers, managing their environmental and climate impacts and promoting material, energy and cost efficiency.

We help our customer companies measure, forecast and optimise resource use and minimise the environmental impacts and costs arising from their operations. We engage in active cooperation with customers and support the development of operations through methods such as waste management surveys, development plans, environmental reporting and training services.  ​​

In 2016, we launched a project aimed at offering our customers the opportunity to report their carbon handprint, i.e. the positive substitution effects of recycled materials, instead of their carbon footprint.  More concrete results from the project will be seen in 2017.

We continuously look for ways to make recycling easier for our customers and we introduced new digital services for our customers in 2016. 

1. We extend the life of properties and provide guidance on sorting waste

We look after our customers’ properties and advise them on how to sort waste. We offer Nordic ecolabel-certified cleaning services that are carried out using ecolabelled equipment and cleaning agents. 

2. We create good working conditions and help conserve energy

We adjust our customers’ properties to support good working conditions while also helping to save energy and costs. In 2016, our eco-trained property managers made 563 energy conservation suggestions at our customers’ operating locations, and our energy management centre produced 2,000 reports with action proposals to support our customers’ decision-making. Our energy management centre monitored 254 properties and some 2,500 ventilation machines.

3. We keep Finland’s wheels turning

By outsourcing their support services to us, our industrial customers are free to focus on their core business. We make this possible by ensuring that support services are managed in an environmentally friendly, safe and cost-efficient manner. 

4. We reduce the environmental impacts of transport

We transport our customers’ waste for recycling and recovery. We reduce the environmental impacts of our transport operations in many ways, such as improving route efficiency and promoting an ecological driving style.

5. We process waste for utilisation according to the order of priority

We work continuously with customers to find new recycling and reuse solutions for commercial, industrial and construction waste. In 2016, we began collecting plastic and textile waste in a few towns. Some 54 per cent of our customers’ waste could be recycled for use as raw material for new products, and 94 per cent was otherwise recovered. 

6. We supply the manufacturing industry with secondary raw materials and reduce emissions

Our industrial customers replace virgin raw materials with secondary raw materials, or fossil fuels with biofuels and solid recovered fuels. By doing this together with our customers, we were able to reduce Finland’s carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 1.0 million tonnes in 2016. 

7. We look after our personnel

We invest in the well-being at work and occupational safety of our personnel, with good results: according to our most recent personnel survey, 74per cent would recommend L&T as an employer, our sickness-related absence rate fell to 4.8per cent and we have halved our accident frequency in Finland over the past four years. 

8. We also ensure the responsibility of our subcontractors

We are a significant employer, investor and purchaser of products and services at our operating locations. We also require our subcontractors to employ good and reliable operating methods and to offer a high level of delivery reliability. 

9. We increase our customers’ environmental expertise

We actively train our customers and other stakeholders in relation to current themes in environmental management. In 2016, we organised Environmental Academy training for a total of 337 customers. Their themes included legislative changes concerning producer responsibility for packaging and the ban on the landfill disposal of organic waste, as well as the circular economy. We also produce electronic online training services for our customers. Nearly 2,500 customer representatives participated in our various training activities in 2016.  

10. We create stronger operating conditions for the circular economy

We engage in constructive cooperation and continuous dialogue with policymakers, the authorities, organisations and other stakeholders to ensure that the necessary operating conditions for the circular economy are in place.