The Corporate Responsibility Report is part of our Annual Report

We report on corporate responsibility as part of our Annual Report for the period 1 January–31 December 2016. Our report for 2015 marked the first time we reported in accordance with the revised Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Core framework.  The report is published only on our website.

The report includes all Group companies and subsidiaries, and it covers all of our operations in Finland, Sweden and Russia. If information concerning a single indicator was not available for all of our operating countries, or if a calculation has changed from previous years, this is disclosed next to the indicator. The reporting of key indicators does not cover external service providers and suppliers.

Key environmental responsibility indicators are assured by an independent third party. 

Assurance Report

Materiality analysis guides our corporate responsibility efforts and stakeholder relations

Our corporate responsibility report is based on a materiality analysis, which we updated in 2015 in accordance with the revised requirements of the GRI G4 reporting guidelines. 

In the analysis, we defined L&T’s material responsibility aspects and material aspects from the perspective of key stakeholders, which are related to the most significant economic, social and environmental impacts of our operations, as well as issues that may be significant to the decisions and choices made by L&T’s stakeholders. 

We divided the identified material aspects into three groups based on their impacts on our business and the expectations of our stakeholders. The materiality analysis as approved by L&T’s steering group of corporate responsibility.