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Our stakeholders expect responsible operations and active interaction

In 2016, we conducted an extensive stakeholder survey that received responses from the representatives of 1,000 of our key stakeholders (current and potential customers, our own personnel, potential employees, investors, national and regional policymakers and the media). The survey was conducted for the second time, which allowed us to compare the results to those of the corresponding survey from two years earlier.

Key results:

  • L&T’s overall reputation and stakeholder support have declined slightly over the past two years, but they remain at a moderately good level.

  • Support is strongest among L&T’s own personnel and investors.

  • There was a slight decline in support among customers and our own personnel but, at the same time, our reputation and stakeholder support have become stronger among policymakers and the media.

  • Our stakeholders perceive L&T as a responsible company that operates appropriately and takes society and the environment into consideration in its operations. L&T is also perceived to be a profitable and financially stable company. The professionalism of our employees is also highly regarded and our employer image has developed favourably.

  • In the future, our stakeholders expect us to continue to have a strong focus on promoting responsible business, building the recycling society and achieving good financial development. We are also expected to be a good employer and an innovative developer of services. Our stakeholders’ wishes for us include more active interaction and communication. 

What will we do in response to these results?

  • Based on the results of the survey, we have produced stakeholder-specific plans, the progress of which will be regularly monitored as part of our management of corporate responsibility. 

  • In the coming years, we will focus particularly on measures aimed at improving the customer experience and the state of mind of our personnel, as well as the development of interaction.

  • We will moderately increase our focus on our employer image and invite a growing number of L&T employees to serve as employee ambassadors to communicate what it is like to work at L&T.

  • We will continue to develop our responsibility and meet regularly with investors, policymakers and journalists.

Our key stakeholders and forms of cooperation with stakeholders in 2016

​Stakeholder Description of interaction in 2016

We conducted two Net Promoter Score surveys in Finland and received more than 5,000 assessments of our operations. We utilised the results at the corporate, division, service line and unit levels to improve customer satisfaction.

We also conducted more than 50 customer-specific satisfaction surveys that provided valuable information on our day-to-day performance.

We initiated efforts to develop the customer experience. As part of these efforts, we conducted 26 in-depth interviews to increase our customer insight.

We organised Environmental Academy training events focused on current issues in environmental management for a total of 337 customers and also trained some 2,500 employees of our customer companies using electronic online training.


We support the professional development of our personnel by learning on the job, career paths, job rotation and training. We ensure the competence of our supervisors through measures including coaching focused on the development of managerial work, business development and leadership. The development of personnel is based on performance reviews.

We regularly measure the job satisfaction of our personnel and use their feedback in the long-term development of our operations. Personnel representatives are extensively engaged in the company’s decision-making forums and development programmes at various levels of the organisation.

We gave Employee of the Month and Supervisor of the Month awards in property maintenance and cleaning and support services, and we also introduced awards in Environmental Services late in the year. In total, we recognised approximately 60 professionals for good work performance.

We continued to shift the focus of our work ability management toward proactive measures. We developed our comprehensive risk management and continued the Zero Accidents programme aimed at further improving the safety of work.

We communicated with our personnel using the intranet, the Letti personnel magazine, videos, newsletters, text messages, WhatsApp messages and our internal Yammer and Facebook networks.

​Potential employees

We actively communicated career opportunities at L&T in both traditional and social media.

We cooperated with several educational institutes and participated in job fairs and related events. We participated in the #kipahommaa16 photo competition organised by We produced and published career story videos featuring L&T employees talking about their career paths.


We met with investors and analysts at approximately 40 different events, including seminars, road shows and our Annual General Meeting.

We used stock exchange releases, press releases and our website for regular communications with the capital markets.

Suppliers of services and goods

We revised the self-assessment and auditing practices for contract suppliers by defining critical points for the assessment as well as the selection criteria for suppliers to be audited.

We adopted a new supplier classification model.

We introduced a new implementation model for responsible purchasing.

Organisations, lobbying and cooperation projects

We participated actively in the work of industry and labour market organisations as well as cooperation networks and research projects that promote responsible business, the circular economy and energy efficiency in Finland and at the EU level. In 2016, the events and campaigns we participated in included the Hack the Waste event​ organised by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the Kinkkutemppu project organised by the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland.


In 2016, we continued our positive cooperation with HOPE, a charitable organisation that focuses on supporting low-income families and families with children who have suffered various crises. During the year, we collected usable sports equipment and toys at our operating locations for distribution by HOPE. We also provided assistance to local HOPE offices; for example, by donating bin bags.

We also made smaller local donations to support charities.

Authorities and influential political actors​

We participated in the drafting and implementation of the Public Procurement Act and environmental legislation, both directly and through lobbying organisations. We met with parliamentary committees, parliamentary groups and key public officials.

We also presented concrete solutions for promoting the circular economy and recycling. At the local level, we were active in issuing statements concerning municipal waste management regulations as well as municipal decisions regarding waste transportation systems.


​We responded to nearly 70 media contacts to satisfy journalists’ information needs or to identify interviewees.

We published approximately 20 press releases and organised media events and meetings.

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