Focus on enhancing the customer experience

In 2016, we conducted two customer surveys in Finland to determine our Net Promoter Score (NPS). In practice, our NPS tells us how many of our customers would recommend us to others. By conducting the surveys, we obtained more than 5,000 assessments of our operations, which we then utilised at the corporate, division, service line and unit levels to improve customer satisfaction. We also conducted more than 50 customer-specific satisfaction surveys that provided valuable information on our day-to-day performance. 

The best way to brainstorm customer-oriented services:
involve the customer. ​

Key results:

  • Our company-level NPS in the measurement carried out in the autumn showed an improvement compared to both the previous year and the previous measurement carried out in the spring. 

  • There is significant variation between different service lines. The customers who evaluated the operations of Industrial Services, Environmental Services and Renewable Energy Sources indicated a higher willingness to recommend the company’s services than those who evaluated the operations of the Facility Services division.

  • Satisfaction was highest among the customers for whom we have appointed specific Customer Relations Officers or contact persons. 

  • Our customers value the competence and professionalism of our employees, but they want to see us improve our availability as well as our operations in various change situations. 

How we will utilise these results in the development of our operations:

  • We have highlighted improving the customer experience as one of our key development themes. In 2016, we established a customer experience steering group that will steer the development efforts at the company level. The group is chaired by the President and CEO. We will also engage in active development efforts at the division level. 

  • We have produced concrete action plans based on the results. Their progress will be monitored by the divisional management teams and the customer experience steering group. As our most important development areas, we have selected actively processing customer feedback, improving our availability, making the use of our services smoother and developing our operations in various change situations. 

  • These efforts have already produced positive results, as the number of customer complaints began to decline in the latter part of the year. We aim to achieve a further significant decrease in the number of complaints in 2017.

  • We also began to work on defining our target state for the customer experience as well as increasing customer insight. As part of these efforts, we conducted 26 in-depth interviews to survey our customers’ expectations towards our operations. The results of these interviews will be utilised in the development of our customer experience in 2017.