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The progress of our corporate responsibility programme in 2016

Material areas
Targets 2016 - 2020 Achievements in 2016


Code of Conduct
  • Establishing the Code of Conduct as an integral part of business operations
  • Transparent tax footprint reporting
  • No major damage or infractions
  • All new L&T employees studied the guidelines
  • Tax footprint EUR 156.0 million (2015: EUR 155.0 million)
  • No major damage or infractions
Business solutions
that promote customers' responsibility
  • Measuring the carbon handprint of L&T’s services
  • We launched a project to measure the carbon handprint of our services. More concrete results from the project will be seen in 2017.

Environmental responsibility


  • Recovery rate of waste managed by L&T 95%
  • Increasing the recycling rate of waste to 55%
  • Recovery rate 94% (2015: 92%)
  • Recycling rate 54% (2015: 53%)
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 25% compared to the level and volume of 2012
  • Building an operating model for verifying the emissions of transport subcontractors
  • CO2 emissions decreased by 22.5% compared to 2012 (2015: -19%)
  • An operating model was built for verifying the emissions of transport subcontractors

Responsibility for personnel

  • Sickness-related absence rate 4.5%
  • Average age of retirement 64 year
  • Accident frequency under 10 in 2018

  • Sickness-related absence rate 4.8% (2015: 5.2%)
  • Average age of retirement 63.8 years (2015: 63.1)
  • Accident frequency 15 (2015: 11)
  • Meininki employee satisfaction survey conducted regularly
  • Over 80% of personnel are prepared to recommend L&T as an employer
  • The next survey will be conducted in 2017
  • Promoting the employment of immigrants
  • Supporting the continued work of persons with reduced work ability
  • We actively promoted employment opportunities for persons with an immigrant background.

supply chain

  • Building comprehensive supplier assessment process and setting quantitative targets during 2016
  • Reducing the environmental impacts of production equipment and materials:
  • Over 80% of our heavy-duty vehicles are in the Euro 4 emissions category or newer
  • Share of Ecolabelled cleaning agents > 80%
  • All of our new contract suppliers conducted a self-assessment. We set quantitative targets for our supplier assessments.
  • Of our heavy-duty vehicles, 64% were in the Euro 4 emissions category or newer (2015: 59%).
  • Ecolabelled cleaning agents accounted for 72% of all cleaning agents used by us (2015: 82%). The overall consumption of cleaning agents decreased with the development of cleaning methods.
Stakeholder dialogue
  • Regular stakeholder support measurements for specified stakeholders and its strengthening
  • Transparent reporting of measures and projects
  • The measurement was conducted as planned. Stakeholder support became stronger among policymakers and the media, but there was a slight decline in support among customers and our own personnel.


  • Regular measurement and reporting of the customer experience
  • Transparent reporting of measures and projects

  • The NSI measurement was conducted twice during the year. Customers’ willingness to recommend us increased in the measurement.

Lassila & Tikanoja plc

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