We achieved growth in new areas and improved our efficiency

In 2016, the Industrial Services division’s net sales increased by 6.6 per cent to EUR 82.1 million (EUR 77.0 million). Operating profit totalled EUR 7.8 million (EUR 6.8 million).

The growth in net sales and improved profitability were supported by successes achieved in the project business, expanding our offering in the industrial and construction segments as well as successful efficiency improvement measures. We were also able to quickly and flexibly respond to growing customer demand. 

Large-scale industry and the construction sector showed signs of recovery during the year. Nevertheless, there were substantial regional and sector-specific differences in industry.

In conjunction with updating our strategy, we assessed our strengths in relation to market potential and decided to further strengthen our service development and offering in the large-scale industry segment. We adapted our regional structure to better respond to customer needs and continued our systematic efforts to improve safety. 
The secret of a long-term customer relationship:
doing what you do well. 
Less turnover, more partnership. 

​Key actions and achievements in 2016

  • We achieved growth in large-scale industry through more extensive service solutions and, in the construction segment, our growth was boosted by bridge repair contracts.
  • We also achieved good results in the restoration and processing of contaminated soil as well as the construction of waste collection areas.
  • In sewer maintenance, we invested in improving our service management locally, which enabled better customer service at the local level.
  • We improved the efficiency of our operations and occupational safety by investing in the modernisation of our hazardous waste terminals.
  • We invested in our personnel by training existing and new employees. 
  • Our occupational safety continued to develop favourably during the year and our customer satisfaction remained at an excellent level.

Net sales

Operating profit