We strengthened our market position and developed new recycling solutions

In 2016, the Environmental Services division’s net sales increased by 3.2 per cent due to successful sales work and acquisitions, amounting to EUR 264.8 million (EUR 256.5 million). Operating profit totalled EUR 31.3 million (EUR 35.8 million). 

There were changes in the business environment that affected the market structure. The responsibility for household packaging materials was shifted to producers and the volumes and prices of secondary raw materials were at a low level. 

Customer requirements related to the management of environmental matters continued to increase, which provides us with opportunities for leveraging our entire value chain to benefit our customer companies. This trend is reflected in, for example, large corporations’ willingness to develop their operations towards the circular economy.

We carried out a significant renewal of our strategy. The key focus areas are improving the customer experience, innovating and commercialising new services, and maintaining competitiveness through continuously increasing productivity. 

The magic of recycling: cuts hundreds of thousands from waste costs.
 Less expensive mixed waste, more results. ​

Key actions and achievements in 2016

  • We engaged our customers to generate ideas for the renewal of our service offering.
  • We launched digital service channels in response to customer wishes:
        • ​​​​​the Raksanappi application for the construction segment
        • the Hävikkimestari service for reducing food waste and 
        • the Kimppanouto collection share concept to facilitate the reuse of household goods.
        • We also opened an online store for Environmental Services. 
  • We expanded our operations to the Kainuu area and strengthened our market position in Eastern Finland through acquisitions.
  • We were successful in acquiring new major customers: we expanded our cooperation agreement with Kesko to cover all of Finland, and we also strengthened our market position in the retail and construction segments.

Net sales

Operating profit