Learn, develop, progress

Competent personnel are L&T’s business card. This is why we invest in professional development and induction training.

At L&T, the development of professional competence is based on each individual’s active approach and willingness to learn. When the individual has the desire to develop, more detailed development needs are defined in annual performance reviews with the supervisor.

Learning on the job

Career paths and job rotation keep work interesting for years. Paths can lead to more demanding duties or even from one division to another. At L&T, an employee can go from being a cleaner to a service supervisor, or in the case an employee who wants a career change, from a property manager to a bin lorry driver.

Competence development is built around daily activities. Good induction training is the foundation for successful work performance. We ensure that our own personnel as well as temporary staff receive the necessary induction training on work, working conditions and occupational safety and health aspects. Providing induction training to every employee is important in ensuring safe working conditions. We monitor the implementation of induction training and continuously develop our operating methods.

In addition, everyone learns from their more experienced colleagues on the job. L&T also has an external mentoring programme.

We also arrange a substantial amount of vocational training both ourselves and with training partners. The professional development of personnel is supported through short courses and degree-seeking training programmes. For example, employees interested in the property sector can complete a basic, vocational or special vocational degree in property services while working at L&T.

Training to improve supervisory work

In addition to induction training, we organise training for supervisors in Finland to support them in various career stages:

• KASTE training is an introduction to L&T’s management practices. The training covers the key things a new supervisor needs to know.
• LOISTE training is aimed at new supervisors and its topics include managing people and mobilising strategy.
• KIRKASTE training delves deeper into supervisory work, taking the special requirements of each trainee’s service line into account.
• TIIVISTE training is focused on specific themes, such as performance reviews, change management, providing induction training on occupational safety, or matters pertaining to employment relationships.

We also organise supervisor forums for those in supervisory positions to come together to learn about leading the practical implementation of strategy and to share best practices.​​​​